Husk​ies and Akitas


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We are a Grandmother, Mother and Daughter team specializing in the Siberian Husky and Akita breeds.

20 plus years of providing top quality puppies to loving family homes!

We care deeply about the health and temperament of our Adults and the welfare of our babies and how/where they are placed. 

All of our Adults are fed a 5 Star high quality food and are given homemade treats daily --have access to a 4 acre yard to run, play and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our retired Adults live out their life on the farm with us--giving them the love and care they deserve.

It's a full time job for us caring for our Fur Babies --old and young--they are our Life and Passion. :)

Quality breeder providing top quality puppies for sale to loving family homes since 1995.
My Perfect Pal
Grant City, MO 
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Thanks to Professional Baseball player Albert Pujols and wife Deidre for their Christmas adoption from us in 2016. A pleasure to meet! :)

Sending you few pictures and video. Just showing off my perfect pal Dace  :) 

He has grown into a handsome goofy boy. He is a gem..this beach is open to the public from October until March ..his first-time OFF-LEASH... NEVER ONCE running off... His recall is amazing! (btw: I wouldn't try it somewhere else off leash Lol..he is still husky) he has the best temperament, couldn't of ask for a dog more calm and easily around everybody., He's a wonderful dog! He learned to wear Rex Specs K9 goggles in 20 minutes. He wears them because we like to protect his eyes ..he loves to watch road from the window all the time no matter how fast you driving:))and he always had red eyes from wind and debris. We cannot wait for next year I hope we find another one like Dace that will be perfect for our family.  💗
Thank you"